Joyride selects Apaya to make local payments an integral part of the micromobility experience.

by Michael Tomlins on May 13, 2021

LONDON, UK & TORONTO, CANADA, May 7, 2021-- Global micromobility technology leader Joyride today announced its partnership with Apaya to offer local payment methods on its software platform. 

Micromobility operators in more than 160 markets use Joyride's white-label software to launch and manage their fleets of scooters, bikes, e-bikes and mopeds. The integration with Apaya empowers Joyride's customers to satisfy riders’ payment preferences within their mobile app and improve rider acquisition.

Micromobility is surging in cities around the world, powered by shared mobility operators offering convenience and ease of use, embraced by riders who value speed and efficiency, and encouraged by cities desperate to sustainably free up their streets and reduce air pollution. 

Through Apaya, Joyride’s customers will access 150+ local in-app payment methods, including mobile wallets, bank transfers, mobile money and carrier billing, thereby providing a flexible, secure and localised experience to riders globally. Local payment methods are forecasted to process 66% of global e-commerce transactions by 2023 due to their accessibility over traditional card payments.

“We’re excited to partner with Joyride as the company continues to evolve its platform and offer its operators an innovative mobility proposition,’” said Michael Tomlins, Co-Founder and CEO of Apaya. “We understand payments are an important component in the customer experience and we look forward to enabling local payment methods for Joyride’s operators to create compelling customer journeys.”

"Our integration with Apaya enables our operators to better engage with and meet the evolving expectations of their riders,” said Joyride Founder and CEO Vince Cifani. “This partnership solidifies our software as a one-stop solution for micromobility operators looking to offer riders the best user experience on the market.”

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