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Apaya collaborates with the ecosystem to help accelerate adoption of the latest payment technologies.

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Merchants discover Connectors in our Marketplace. If they wish to learn more, we facilitate an introduction.

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Frequently Asked Questions

♥️ How do merchants discover and select Connectors?

Merchants can search for Connectors in our Marketplace, where they can discover your product and request a meeting directly with you.

⚡ Will Apaya recommend Connectors to Merchants?

Our Customer Success team will recommend Connectors, where performance data shows it will improve Merchant performance.

🤝 Who negotiates terms with the merchant?

The Connector will negotiate all legal and commercial terms with the Merchant. These shall be confidential and not disclosed to Apaya.

🔐 Can the Merchant still get access to the Connector’s portal, BI, etc.?

The Merchant will have a direct relationship with each Connector and have access to all the usual services made available to Merchants.

🔗 Who maintains the API integration between Apaya and the Connector?

Apaya is responsible for integrating with the Connector and maintaining and updating the APIs to ensure the Merchant receives the best possible experience.

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